PC Won't show anything on boot because of gpu (I think?)

I recently bought a pre-owned rx550 from Amazon to put in my Dell Inspiron 620. It runs perfectly fine without the gpu but when I put it in, nothing would show up on the monitor, not even BIOS. When I bought it one of my worries was not having a power supply sufficient enough as the Inspiron only had a 300w model. So I bought a 450w psu and rewired the system. Once again it ran fine without the gpu but when I put it in nothing would show. The fans turn on the gpu as well.
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  1. First check for an update to the BIOS for the computer. If it's already at the latest, it may be a bad card or just your OEM system can't run it. Test the card in another system see if it works there. Are you using any adapters or converters with the card? If you are, what to what? Can you test without the adapters?
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