Can the Corsair Hydro 60 overclock the i7 7700k?

Is the Corsair H60 good enough to overclock the i7 7700k? Also is the Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3 a good motherboard to overclock it? Thanks.
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  1. The cooler isn't for overclocking it's on par with a budget AIR Cooler and the HD3 board , is not really great for overclocking.
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  2. Corsair H100, H110 or H115 is what you want for overclocking.
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  3. You are talking a 100w cpu on a 150w cooler. At stock values where all 8 threads will not be running at max turbo speeds, but downclocked several 100MHz. By just locking the cores at max turbo, you'll easily add 30-40w heat output, bringing the H60 too close to maximum ability, you'll be seeing loads in excess of 70°C easily. Bump the OC by 100MHz and you are now over the coolers ability by a good measure.

    So no, you really can't OC any i7 on a H60 or equivalent cooler, they simply do not have the capacity to handle the heat output and still maintain acceptable cpu temp levels under duress.

    For any OC, you need at least a mid-range cooler such as a Cryorig H5, Noctua NH-U14S, Corsair H80i/H90, but preferably the larger 240mm/280mm aios or twin tower coolers such as the Noctua NH-D15S, NH-D14, BeQuiet Dark Rock, Cryorig R1 etc.
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