ABS-- i5 Upgrade help please, Desktop

I currently have ABS Desktop tower and want to try and upgrade it on black Friday. Looking to spend around 400-500$ and also would like to know after I install an item is there any specific things I need to do like system updates or whatever. I like to play Path of exile, Diablo 3, Civilizations, and StarCraft 2

Current Specs are:
• Intel Core i5 4th Gen 4460 (3.20 GHz)
• 8 GB DDR3
• 1 TB HDD
• Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4 GB

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  1. Not a single of your games will run better with a faster computer. Upgrading it would do nothing much for you.

    If you have $500 to spend and you just want to upgrade the system even if there is no real benefit, sell your system and start clean. Your system is pretty matched now, with your budget and the fact you can sell your system for probably $250-300 or sell the parts, you can get a good computer with all new parts. New Core i5, nVidia 1060 6gb should be within your budget if you add in what you sell your current system for.

    Or just don't do anything, your games will run just fine on what you have. Getting 100FPS on max vs 140FPS on max is really not worth spending money on. If you were getting say 40 and were going up to 60+, that may be OK for an upgrade. Since your games will be perfectly smooth on high settings now, upgrading thing is just wanting to spend money just to spend money.
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