Does anyone know if this motherboard has graphics built into the motherboard

hi does any one know if the asrock a320m-dgs, has built in graphics. I check on the asrock sight it said" Integrated AMD Radeon™ R-Series Graphics in A-series APU*" does this mean that there is a graphics chip in the motherboard , therefore i dont need a graphics card to boot the device?

thanks for the help!
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    The motherboard has not integrated graphics chip.

    You can use APUs on this motherboard which are AMD's Accelerated Processing Unit which are basically a CPU and a GPU on the same chip.

    If you add one of those to the motherboard you won't need a graphics card to get picture to monitor and you can connect the monitor to the DVI-D Port on the motherboard.
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  2. Keep in mind that APU's do not make great gaming pc's. Strickly low end stuff IMO.
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