Ryzen 1700 Black Screen Crash

I just build my first PC about a month ago. I go with the Ryzen 1700 because of the number of threads. Main purpose of the build was for render and games but I have problem with the build. When I try to render a basic scene sometimes at the beginning of the render, sometimes at the middle of the render screen goes black and all connected devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.) gets disconnected but the PC is still running and I cannot do anything except force shutdown by holding down the power button. This case happens sometimes when I play games.

I thought RAMs can be the cause of the problem. I OC'ed the RAMs to 3200MHz after I finished the build. But after the problem appeared I tried lower frequencies but nothing changed. After that tried down clocking to base speed which is 2133MHz and again nothing changed. Im running CPU at 3.65GHz. At this point I dont know what to do.

My Build:
- ASUS Prime x370-PRO
- Ryzen 1700
- G.Skill Trident Z RGB CL14 (2x8GB)
- Corsair RM1000i
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    The "black screen" with Ryzen is typically OC related. Same happened to me several times when getting overclock dialed in. Either lower speed or higher voltage worked in my case.
  2. I have the same problem. When i first built my pc and tested the stability on stock settings the pc screen would crash. Could not turn pc off with the power button either. Ive talked to corsair and asus and they have no idea.
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