Hard Drive Failure?

I have 2 hard drives that I use for storage. I've been using them under one partition, and it's labeled in disk manager as failed. The hard drives boots fine, no weird or clicking noises, and the bios recognizes them.

Are there any ways to recover some data from them?
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  1. download and run crystal disk info and see if any of them show up as caution or bad. if they do copy and paste the info here so we can see how bad they are
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    We do have a DIY Recovery Software. There are many DIY programs out there which do this as well, some are free and some are expensive, you would just have to do some research as far as what others recommend. Depending on what the particular situation is with the data, the only way to recover it may be sending it out to a professional data recovery service if the DIY route doesn't work. This is typically known for being prohibitively expensive depending on the value of the data you're trying to recover.

    Most hard drive vendors also have a free tool where you can run diagnostic scans on the drives to check on their health, ours is called SeaTools.
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