How I get SetFSB to apply changes? Can I even OC this PC?

I'm using version and I get the FSB and CPU clock speed detected correctly, however after I slide the FSB higher and click SETFSB then the clock speed does not actually change.

This is an AMI 80.23 BIOS on a Memphis-S motherboard (HP Pavilion 500 223w).

I'm currently looking at getting a custom BIOS or modding my BIOS so I don't even have to software overclock. If anyone is familiar with that, you might be interested in my other thread here:
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  1. Modern system don't use FSB anymore. Just Core clock speed of 100Mhz, the most you can do is 102-103Mhz before you cause the entire system to become unstable which could result in crashes or data corruption since you would even be overclocking the SATA and PCI-Express busses.

    So most you could really get out of an OC is maybe 20-30 Mhz.
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  2. @Snipergod87 "So most you could really get out of an OC is maybe 20-30 Mhz. "

    So how would I do that? There is no core clock speed adjustments on setfsb or my BIOS.

    I also installed Intel Extreme Tuning Utility but there aren't any speed adjustments only wattage and voltage. I raised the voltages/watts about 5% and it didn't change anything. Core voltage minimum increase was 0.5V which crashes the system.
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  3. That BIOS is locked out you wouldn't be able do. If you had an unlocked BIOS than you could do that. HP and other OEM's remove these options to prevent people from doing this.
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  4. If you look at the link in the OP I have a thread requesting help to mod this bios. I have a rom dump of my current bios and everything attached.

    Also I thought the whole point of programs like SETfsb and software overclocking utilities was to get around having a limited BIOS? Why aren't these working for me? I think it might still be doable with SETfsb as there are a lot of options that I didn't explore.
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  5. What you need unlocked is baseclock adjustments, and honestly it isn't worth the trouble for a 0.1% improvement.

    SETFSB also has no support for anything beyond X58, which doesnt suprise me (You are using a H87)
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  6. I don't mind going through the trouble, just point me in the right direction please. Is there a newer utility?
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  7. I don't think there is.
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  8. OEMs can hardwire the PLL to sprevent overclocking. A BIOS mod won't change this. This prevenmts SetFSB from making any changes.
    Your MB has an 84W CPU limit. If a G3258 can run then Throttlestop 8.00 software can unlock the multiplier and Voltage (Turbo Power Limit)
    I haven't tried this CPU, and I have experience mostly with older Dells. But speeds up to 4.8Ghz have been reported.
    They list G3250 as compatible. This is the method used in the 10 year old dell in my sig. SetFSB didn't work for me either.
    There won't be a lot of hand holding available for this. You will probably be the first person to try it.
    There is a lot of TS info at TechPowerUp and Notebook Review but it's mostly about undervolting laptops. With an unlocked CPU it can go up also.
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  9. @william_p I don't have ability to raise beyond 100% or multiplier of 34 with that program.
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  10. Do you have the unlocked G3258 CPU? if not then TS will only underclock , and under Volt. With the unlocked CPU where there is no limit then every setting is an underclock.
    G3258 is an unlocked G3250 2 core CPU.
    Here is a thread on a TS overclock of an unlocked Xeon 6 core in an HP workstation. LGA775 is proven with this technique, Newer sockets are still largely unknown.
    An unlocked CPU is probably the only option to OC that. Read the reviews of overclocked G3258 and see if it will do what you want.
    You can play around underclocking your existing CPU aand learn how TS works, but for OC a new CPU will be needed.
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  11. The i5-2500K slips in under the 95W CPU limit also. If the locked version runs in your system then the unlocked should run also. I've seen it in Vostro 460. How much OC the MB VRM can support is another issue. but there's only one way to find out.
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