CS:GO on a AMD A4-5300

So i am considering to download Counter Strike: Global Offensive on this computer, I am not really sure will it run perfectly or it will get a little of lagging . I have checked on the game debate it said it can run on medium OR High setting. But the CYRI website suggest me to upgrade my system ram to 2.0 GB

This is the specs:

Processsor : A4-5300 APU with radeon HD graphic 3.39GHz
GPU : APU HD 7480D with 1GB ( Actual 512MB)
Ram : 2.00GB ( 1.43GB usable)
OS : Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit

Hope you guys can help me with this problem !!!

Thanks !!
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  1. You really should upgrade the RAM to 4 and if your system will take it, add in even a lower end video card like a GT 730 GDDR5 or the newer 1030 card.

    If you really can't add in a video card, you will want to use dual channel RAM of the fastest speed your motherboard will accept.
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