Whats the best Nvidia Graphics Card for I5-4400 CPU with 8 GB Ram and MSI B85-G41 PC Mate motherboard?

I want to play high end games in high setting. Is 8 GB Ram enough?
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    1060 6gb would be good option. What PSU do you have?

    8gb of ram is fine for most games.
  2. Well my PSU is GOLDKIST 650W.
  3. Not heard of that, I would get a good brand PSU before getting a better graphics card.
  4. Why is it important to get a good brand PSU before getting a better graphics card?
    Are all unheard brand PSU bad at handling high end graphics card?
  5. Yeah because the graphics card tends to draw the most power of anything in the system. Having a good quality PSU is very important or you could end up breaking the components of your PC.
  6. Thanks for the advice and how will a GTX 1050 Gaming X 2GB perform on my PC? Oh and can you suggest a good PSU if I'm about get a 1060 6 gb graphic card?
  7. Anything around 500w from Seasonic or Superflower, the GQ/G2/G3 series from EVGA, the newest CX series from Corsair etc.
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