Which are the BEST video settings for GTA V for me?

Hi dear community,

I have a Lenovo Y-700-15ISK gaming laptop,with i7-6700 HQ CPU,16 GB of DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 960 M 4GB GDDR5 GPU.

I would please you to tell me which are the BEST video settings for GTA V for my machine!

But please keep in mind that I always play the game with installed mega vanilla replace cars packs (with around 200 cars !)

Please tell me which are the best settings for me,but setting by setting! Please!

Which are the highest settings for me,and how to boost the FPS?

Thanks to all in advance!
Best regards!
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    Literally nobody can tell you that.
    You have to change your own settings to your own liking and preferences.

    I cant tell you if you would rather have higher water textures, or better shadows, if you prefer quality over FPS, what render distance you want (and how much performance youll sacrifice for it).
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