My old hard drive cannot recognize on the new motherboard bios

I'm new to building my first pc and I'm having some problem with the hard drive not recognizing the new motherboard. The motherboard model number is Asus h170m-e D3

Hard drive model number is Samsung hd320kj.

Here's my video links.
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    For starters, make sure that the drive has both the SATA power and the SATA data cable plugged in. Ensure that the data cable is plugged into the mothboard at slot number 1.

    Next make sure that there is actually an operating system installed on the HDD, often a board won't see a drive unless it's a bootable drive, which requires you to have an operating system in order to have it be bootable.

    Once you have verified all of these things go into the boot menu on the motherboard, either when starting it through a hotkey displayed on the screen, or through the motherboard BIOS and select the HDD as option number 1 (Assuming it is showing up at all)
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