Should I upgrade my Pre Built PC or just build a whole new one?

2 years ago I bought a $500 pre built computer. The only reason I bought it pre built was because 2 years ago I had no knowledge whatsoever on how to build a gaming computer myself. Now I am wondering if I should continue to upgrade this pre built or just build a whole new one. I have already upgraded the power supply and the graphics card. Here are the specs.

I'ts been running pretty slow lately and freezing while I'm playing certain games. The upgrades I was thinking of would be a new cpu cooler, another stick of 8gb ddr3 ram, and an ssd. Should I just buy those upgrades and put it in the pre built or just forget about this computer and take the psu and gpu out of the pre built and build a whole new computer. I'm thinking I'm better off just building a new one because the motherboard and cpu are not very modern and I can only get ddr3 ram on this motherboard. What do you guys think I should do?
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    Depending on your budget for upgrades you could keep the PSU, Case, GPU & HDD. Then buy a new CPU, MB & RAM (DDR4) and possibly a SSD which will speed up the system considerably.
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  2. I agree. Your upgrade path is certainly a new motherboard/cpu/ram

    You can re-use everything else
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