Should I just add a new GPU or do I buy my self an entirely new coffee lake rig

Hello, I am new to the forum, this is my first post here.

My System:

Intel DB75EN Motherboard

Do I completely buy myself a new coffee lake rig or can I save money by just adding a more powerful GPU to my current system, as in if I bought a GTX 1070 would it work it with my system (Motherboard doesn't have PCI-e 3.0). Got the doubt after watching a HardwareCanucks youtube video on comparison between the i7-2600K & i7-8700K, where he compared both the CPUs by paring them with a GTX 1080, the card didn't show any bottleneck even though it was plugged to a PCI-e 2.0 mobo

The reason for the question is simple, if I buy my self a new coffee lake rig I will have to settle for a GTX 1060 but if I don't all I need to buy is a new PSU and will have free cash to buy a better GPU
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  1. I'd get the newer platform to ensure a few years of hassle free performance. If you play at 60Hz and 1080 resolution a GTX 1060 6GB is quite enough for almost every title out there.

    The PCIE generation is no issue as the 2nd gen will be OK with the latest GPUs as well.

    You might want/need to upgrade PSU as well even for the 1060 as you have no GPU now so the system demand is relatively low now. What brand/model is your PSU?

    A good 450W PSU might be enough. You should use power calculators once you decide on the components should you choose to upgrade whole system.

    You also need DDR4 RAM for a Coffee Lake CPU as DDR3 (current RAM) is no longer supported.
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    Adding a GPU will be the cheaper faster route for improved game performance. If that's what you are after.

    As long as everything else with the PC is fine I'd get the GPU you want now so you can enjoy its benefits right away.
    Then just save up for a full rig replacement farther down the road.
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