Newly Built System Will Not Turn Off, Turns On Without Power Button

Relevant Parts: MSI H270 Gaming M3 Mobo, Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case, Older Corsair TX850w Psup.

So I have recently upgraded my system, essentially replacing everything but my power supply, storage, and gpu. Everything went well, I pressed the power button and it booted up first try. Well since that time a week ago I have been unable to completely shut down my system or even put it to sleep.

Every time I shut down or sleep the system, through windows or with the power button on the Enthoo Pro, it immediately powers back on (fans and lights turn off for quarter second, then immediately power back on. The other peculiar thing that is happening is that the only real way I CAN turn off the system is by flipping the power supply switch (something I don't like doing) yet when I flip the switch back on, the system immediately powers on without using the power button on the case.

This is literally the only issue, I am not having any other issues because of this such as random power downs or anything like that, I simply cannot get the system to power down.

I just would like some ideas on how to troubleshoot this, Is there anyone familiar with my motherboard or case that has had this issue themselves?
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  1. Ive had the same issue with my msi h170 gaming m3.

    I solved mostly by updating windows and updating my bios version
  2. Reset windows or freshly install it with the new motherboard. Also list your CPU and GPU. Updating the BIOS would be the next thing
  3. it an efi bios bug had it happen to be a few times. power off the mb from the wall clear the cmos then update the bios. should be fixed.
  4. I did exactly that, cleared cmos and updated bios to version 7A62v23, made sure nothing in windows is waking my system, still immediately upon full shut down (fans stop spinning, LED's go dark for a split second) within a ms they spin back up and it begins booting again. Obviously I checked the case wire connections and everything is correctly plugged into the MB, can anyone think of any other reasons this could be happening?

    Literally the only way to fully power my system down is to cut the power switch, it will stay off if I remove the plug and keep it removed for a bit before i plug back in but if I do not remove the plug then the system immediately begins booting once I flip the switch back to on.

    Other system specs (not sure why they would apply to this problem though):

    MSI GTX 1060 6gb gaming x
    16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400mhz
    Core i7 7700
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    may be damaged anti virus. that the last program that scans before your pc shuts off.try uninstalling it see if the pc shuts down.
  6. windows installed freshly?

    try another power supply

    check cpu socket pins of the motherboard if some are bent
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