Help me please Chose AM4 Motherboard

Please recommend a board that:-

Can overclock easily that does NOT require the user to calculate voltage offsets (dumb idea?)

Can easily recover from lock-ups that can happen when pushing an overclock too far...

Has detailed post messages (LED? lights?) that can help diagnose when the system wont post.

Does such a board even exist?

Will be using a Ryzen 5 1600...

Been pondering this for too long now and so need some help!

Finally, why are some retailers STILL selling motherboards with older bios that wont run newer ryzen chips without flashing the bios first? - so you buy a motherboard and compatable CPU, it wont boot, then ship bundle back to retailer as "broken" DOH
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    MSI debug lights are pretty useful. I haven't heard any complaining about MSI BIOS too old for Ryzen yet. OCing with MSI mb so far so good. Where do you live? Can find some cost-effective recommendations.
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