Is overclocking an i5 6400 on a gigabyte z170x gaming 7 mobo possible?

Hi there everyone. I wanted to know if it is possible to overclock an i5 6400 with a gigabyte z170x gaming 7 mobo. If it is possible to overclock, can anyone tell me how to do it? Because I have never overclocked anything in my life.

My pc specs are:

I5 6400
gigabyte gtx 960 2gb windforce (with 3 fans)
z170x gaming 7
8 gigs of corsair ddr4 ram
corsair h110i watercooling
500 watts psu

Like i said i have never even tried to overclock so if you guys could help me out it would mean a lot to me ;)
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  1. Only procesors with "K" can be overlocked, like i5 7600K or i7 7700K
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  2. yea but i saw that non-K cpu's could be overclocked with z170 mobo
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  3. Only old generations, you could do it by installing custom bios but intel blocked it in new generations :/
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  4. ohh okay but do you know what bios i can use and what voltage and clockspeeds are safe??
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  5. Yes you can overclock your 6400

    Get the bios from the above link, my i5 6500 for ex does 4.6 @ 1.43V

    Good luck!
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