PSU failure while testing new mobo/cpu/gpu and etc

Greetings, Something odd happen today and I can't even tell if my whole system is friend or not.
While i was testing if the whole system is running just fine (no monitoring and etc) I had all components installed to motherboard and etc with the PSU and after few restarts (force shutdown) from button didn't worked out while testing so I was forced to turn of the system by on/off switch from PSU.Everything worked fine the fans were spinning and everything good.No bad smell no smoke.After 3 or 4 more shutdowns without touching everything I turned the system on and came out smoke from PSU(in other words burned-out) and some kind of liquid fell from it.any idea why?and I want a recommendation for new PSU

CPU:Intel core 2 Quad Q6600
GPU:Afox GT 730 2GB (128-bit)
HDD:500gb HDD 5400rpm
PSU: DEER 450W (im not even kidding)

Also before all that I had different motherboard/gpu/cp. Everything worked fine I thought it was motherboard's problem but it wasn't since it was connected in GA-947-S3 motherboard and all fans were spinning i thought it was good.I know its crappy system but I want it manly for media and eSport games like League or CS.Thanks for your time and also I'm really sorry for my English

Before upgrade Specs

MOBO: Asus P5K
CPU: Intel core 2duo E6700
GPU:NVIDIA GT9800 512mb
PSU: DEER 450 w
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    Looks like some large electrolytic capacitor blew out, they are only parts with some liquid inside. If it did any damage to other components you can find out only with a known good PSU.
  2. sorry for late response turn's out that the PSU is fried.It has a voltage or something switches for EU/US input or output I could say I had switched it at 115 from 235 and it fried.All the other parts were not affected I removed the PSU as quick as possible and the system is running fine with a 600 wat PSU.
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