24 pins on Motherboard 20 pins on old Power Supply

I need to replace the power supply in my HP-p6813w. The motherboard is equipped with the 24-pin connector. The old power supply (original to the PC) has the 20 pin connector and is connected so that 4 of the pins on motherboard connector are empty.

The new power supply has the 24-pin connector (4 pins will peel off to make it a 20 pin connector) and it fits fine into the connector on the motherboard.

Will it hurt the computer if I plug in all 24 or should I peel 4 off and just plug in 20 like it was originally? I am thinking of upgrading the video card. Would hooking the extra 4 pins up help to supply adequate power to this peripheral?
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    If the board is a 24 pin use the full 24 pin from the PSU.
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