should I just build a new pc or upgrade my current pc

I'm asking cause I'm going to buy a new PSU, motherboard, cpu, gpu, and ddr4 memory for my current pc
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  1. current specs? Major usage and demand?
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  2. My cpu is amd a-10 quad core, gpu amd hd 8670d, motherboard gateway dx4380, and psu 300 watts

    Upgrade: Pentium g4560, gtx 1060 sc 3 gb, evga 500 watts, and motherboard

    I dont know what you mean by major usage and demand
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  3. gaming? what resolution etc. Looks fine, PSU get corsair cxm
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  4. Yes its mainly for gaming and I'm playing on 1080p, and for the psu the evga is cheaper at 500 watts than corsair cxm
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  5. but that evga is not as reliable as cxm, your call :)
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  6. vapour said:
    but that evga is not as reliable as cxm, your call :)

    I'll look into it more, but should I build a new pc or Upgrade my gateway dx4380 desktop instead
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    Since your almost changing everything, could be a new build and leave the rest as a whole unit and sell on ebay :)
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