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Hi, I just got a used PSU from Adverts and I want to check if it at least turns on, would anything go wrong if I turned it on without connecting it to any components?
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  1. No, you can turn it on without damaging it.
    Hope this helps! :)
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    To fully turn the PSU on you will have to jump two wires together. If you hold the 24pin with the release latch pointed towards you, count from the right to left over to pin 3 and 4, 3 should be black and 4 will be green (if you have an older unit, some of the newer ones only have solid colors like all black wires) take a paper clip and unbend it and connect those two pins.

    When you fully give the psu power it will jump the PSU so the unit will actually turn on. You can test this by plugging a fan into a molex plug to see if you get power.
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  3. Thanks ,guys
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