Can an overclock break a M2 960 EVO

Hey guys, I got a new shiny 960 EVO on Friday and finally got around to installing and using it today. After about 2 hours my system crashed and my SSD would not show up in the bios. It would also create really long post times, something I have only seen with a broken HDD. So I assume it is broken now.

My specs are 4790k and a GA-Z97X-UD3H.
OC consisted of:
Clock freq - 102.13
Clock Ratio - 47 (For a total of 4.8ghz)
Vcore - 1.36
CPU Vrin - 2.2
CPU Ring - 1.13 (This is the value I am most concerned about possible breaking it)
And ram was adjusted and stable to make up for freq changes.

So, can this break an 960 Evo? If not any ideas what may? Sorry if this is the wrong section but I strongly suspect my overclock to be the issue.
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  1. Someone else might know better. But I'm pretty sure that when you up your base clock, you OC the FSB. So I think it's entirely possible.
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  2. No a CPU clock won't damage a storage device. These are two separate things. You might need a BIOS update for that particular motherboard in order to get the most out of your M2 drive.
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  3. My bios is up to date :/ I am worried when my replacement arrives about overclocking again. I find it hard to believe the SSD fried itself after 2 hours of use.
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