Game/App.exe message and PC freezing with new GPU installation!


Just bought a zotac gtx 1080 mini...

My specs-
Kabylake I5-7600K (overclocked to 5Ghz)
Asus z170A motherboard (bought it long before other parts-updated bios)
Zotac gtx 1080 mini
EVGA 750 watt B1 bronze power supply
1 stick Corsair 2666mhz 8gb DDR4 ram (Running at 2667mhz and at 7.9Gb of it's 8Gb)
Crucial 275gb SSD
1 TB external toshiba drive

Ok so heres my problem. I originally was using the integrated graphics until I bought the 1080. Everything was absolutely fine. When I got the new card I immediately downloaded the newest drivers. Then when I tried to run a benchmark for overclocking it immediately prompted a "(app/game).exe has stopped working". So then I looked it up and I ended up going into safe mode and used DDU to uninstall all the nvidia drivers and did the same for the Intel integrated drivers. Then I reinstalled nvidia latest drivers from nvidia home page. To no avail... It did somehow give the games a little more headroom and the benchmarks will open but still same overall problems. Also when I play easier games/older games they play fine. Besides Planetside 2, the benchmarks I own, and the games Rocket league and Red orchestra 2 I have no problems. Everything else runs fine to my knowledge.

p.s. Video playback is also fine.

So I have since used 3 different nvidia drivers-same problem
I have no Ram issues- memtest
I have reinstalled a benchmark- no help
I am reinstalled and verified Rocket League still doesn't play.
I have updated my Bios to current- no help
I have updated all motherboard drivers- no help.
I have now completely reset windows completely deleting everything- same results.
I RMA'd first card-same results.

Finally I took the cooler off, removed previous thermal paste, applied new thermal paste, and put the cooler back on. Runs 20°c cooler and solved all crashing issues, and no more BSOD!

Hope this helps someone in need!
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  1. First, overclocking results are never 'guaranteed,' so even if everyone and their dog is able to run at 5.0GHz, you might get a dud chip that tops out at 4.8GHz.
  2. Calvin7 said:
    First, overclocking results are never 'guaranteed,' so even if everyone and their dog is able to run at 5.0GHz, you might get a dud chip that tops out at 4.8GHz.

    Thanks Calvin, but I meant that I overclocked my I5 to 5Ghz. Very easily at that. I have it sitting under a Hyper 212 Evo. Thanks for the help anyways.
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    Hey everyone, just wanted y’all to know, I fixed my own problem. I found out that I had applied to much thermal paste to my overclocked processor, and didn’t tighten my cpu cooler enough, so the cpu was getting too hot causing a unstable cpu. This was causing the crashing and BSOD. By the why my BSOD was the “Clock-work timeout” error. Thanks for the help everyone.
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