FreeSync 2 RX 570 in FreeSync monitor?

i bought a rx 570 which supports FreeSync 2 & a FreeSync LG monitor. In AMD control center it says FreeSync 2 not supported. whats the problem here? is FreeSync 2 not backward compatible with FreeSync?
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    Freesync 2 gpus support Freesync, and Freesync gpus support Freesync 2. I am not sure on the monitor, but that should be the same story.

    Check your monitors manual, along with your gpu. And if you haven't, update drivers for both the monitor and the graphics card to the latest revision.
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  2. Your GLU is capable of using Freesync and Freesync 2 monitors. It's nit about backward compatibility. Freesync 2 have much strict requirement before the monitor can be certified as Freesync 2 capable. For example with Freesync 2 LFC (which many current Freesync monitor did not support due to not meeting the minimum requirement for it to work) is mandatory along with HDR support.
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