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I have a g41mt-s2p mobo with 2x2gb of ram and core 2 duo e7200 (I m further looking to upgrade to e85/8600).Plz tell a gud graphic card for Rs6000 which is able to support most of games even at low settings?
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  1. You probably want to update your bios, and grab a quad core. Q6600s come cheap. I say upgrade CPU first, because of how old your dual core is, even if you had a Titan X not much would run on that system. I also recommend more RAM but thats not as urgent.

    After upgrading to a quad core, maybe go for a GT 1030. They have slightly more power than an older HD 6870 from AMD, and they run cooler and quieter and are way more power efficient.
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  2. but randomdeath gt1030 has not reviewed gud on
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