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Okay I have a lenovo HDD 1tb model f309 and yes some days ago it stopped showing files, I formatted it and now its working fine, but yes it has been making ocassionally clicking sounds for 10sec min. The drive is working good but only sometimes it does that sound, and it is also covered in warranty, so what is the problem and can I get it repaired from lenovo from warranty??
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  1. Those clicks are probably coming after the drive has been on for a while, correct? It is almost certainly the stepper motor and I would bet it is doing heat-retrains; realigning the heads due to mis-alignment caused by the heads heating up. I've seen it dozens of times over the years. It is not a good sound. It is most often a sign of impending problems. Drives are cheap. I'd make sure you have backups. To be clear I am not saying the drive will die withing some short period of time. Sometimes a drive gets in to this "bad-state" and stays operational for a year or more. But this is not the safe bet. Lenovo might or might not cover the drive since it is still functional. I don't speak for Lenovo and so can't answer that part.
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  2. absolutely continue routine backups
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