Is my internet good enough for a pc?

I am asking this question for a friend.
Ive been wanting him to get rid of his Xbox and get a pc.
I succeeded and got him hooked on a steam game called Players Unknown Battlegrounds.
He lives in the middle of nowhere and used a Verizon Jetpack 4g LTE hotspot thing.
When we would play COD online on Xbox it would never lag. He is concerned having a computer and playing games online would not work with his internet.
I told him if Xbox live has no lag at all maybe you wont get any if you had a computer instead.

I just want to verify. Would a pc for example playing League of legends use more internet than like CoD on Xbox live? Or do you think it would be okay since we never ever get lag on Xbox.

Thanks so much guys!
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  1. A network connection is a network connection. If it was good enough for the xbox it is good enough for the PC. Given the limited bandwidth, just take care to limit the number of background tasks which might be using some of that bandwidth; for example close all browers (chrome, etc).
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