BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition review

This product reviewed at,review-3523.html has some serious problems, such as but the comments are closed, and I can't post this information. What can I do?
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  1. Contact reddit mod? start a new thread there?
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  2. rgd1101 said:
    Contact reddit mod? start a new thread there?

    My first reply didn't work, but basically, after reading the article carefully, I found completely untrue statements in it, such as the free version providing customer support. It's not worth posting a comment pointing out problems since the article itself has at least some unresearched, and completely wrong information.
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  3. bathuy said:
    you can post a new theard to answer?
    Free version very less function and that's difficuilt to have support customer

    I am unable to post any threads to the answer since the comments were closed very quickly.
    I know the free version has significantly less functionality, and I know it's difficult to have customer support (which they don't). My point was the review said it does have customer support for the free version, which is completely untrue.
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