My first build, concerned about the motherboard :)

Hello guys!

I'm about to build my very first gaming computer! :D
I've searched, read, and looked to find the "best" gaming PC for my budget and found these little bad boys to make it happen.

Here is the build
Price breakdown by merchant:

I like the Micro ATX, so I'm going to choose that instead of the full ATX.

But one of my main concerns is the motherboard... I've no idea which one to choose since there way too many to choose between.
So far I picked the Asus Prime B-350M, because I've read that the Asus motherboard are mostly very stable and reliable. But I also read something about it only has slots for 2 fans...
Do they mean the CPU cooler + another place for the fan?
Do I really need more than 2 fans?
I mean I will receive the stock fan when I buy Ryzen 5 CPU and I've read that it's enough.
I want to play games with at least 60fps with medium/high setting. It doesn't has to be on ultra ultra high :)
I also won't Overclock the computer since this is my first build.

My second concern is with the RAM. I've read that some motherboards (like this one) can't handle some RAMs fully potential.
Some people has complained that this motherboard can only top 2133mhz and can't go over 3000mhz (the RAM I'm going to buy). Is this something I should be worrying about??

The other motherboard I'm thinking to buy is the Gigabyte B350M Gaming 3.

Do you think that the Asus Prime will be enough or should I look for something else? :)

Thank you in advance! :)
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  1. That two fan is for case, CPU fan is a separate port on MB. If your case has some fans already and not use those two ports, you can have 4-5 in total. What do you need for MB? Expandability, color, usb3.1, etc?
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  2. I like both choices for motherboards but if you were looking for more flexibility in the future in case you decide you want a different case I would go with the Asus board since it will fit in both Micro ATX cases as well as ATX cases.. Both should perform similarly. If you need more fan headers in the future you could just buy a fan controller.

    The RAM speed note is just that it natively supports that speed. Anything over that is an overclock but that is fine and is exactly as intended. The new Intel z370 motherboards only natively support 2400MHz for example but anyone buying that platform will certainly be using RAM faster than that.
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  3. @vapour I will receive 2 fans when I buy the case :)
    Honestly I just want a MB that doesn't "dies" easily. I don't need fancy stuff like RGB light, colors, expandability etc etc. I just want it not to overheat, and can handle the games (even though CPU and the graphic card is more important).
    I'm not going to overclock or anything.
    Also I want to use the full power when I buy the RAM. Do you think this MB can handle it?

    @Lildog1291 well then, I'm going to choose the Asus MB.

    Do you think I will need more fan headers in the future? What are the main reason I should get more fan headers? :)
    Sorry for this stupid question, it's my first build after all.

    I'm not going to overclock, I just want it to handle games with at least 60 fps.
    So do you think the RAM will work with the MB?
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  4. Both Mbs are good, the ram works :) Asus is good brand. Usually they don't die easily, but nobody can tell.
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