High temp with Ryzen and GPU

I have a mothherboard asus b350-k
.When I play games it has 40-49C°
.I have also overclock my Ryzen 3 1200 with 50-60C°.And my gpu msi gtx1050 2GT OC in 50-68C°. Is everything normal temp for gaming?
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  1. Yes, your temps are perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about at all. You need to start worrying when your temps go above 85C
  2. Yep. Normal.

    I believe the GTX1050 would start to throttle down at roughly 82degC (to oversimplify how the boost functionality works), and the Ryzen CPU is fine though I'm not 100% sure on the temperature as there were reporting issues.

    I believe CPUID's HWMonitor is one of the most reliable, and I think you can go up to at least 70degC before you might be concerned with damage over time, possibly up to 80degC.

    (It's hard to find a straight answer from AMD)

    I do know Intel recommends about 75degC for the maximum long-term usage temperature to avoid premature wear so it's probably similar.
  3. Are you sure guys?
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    Stefanos_A said:
    Are you sure guys?

    I'm positive the motherboard is fine. Not even close to overheating. The graphics card is also well under the throttle point.

    I also found evidence that your CPU overclock sounds about right:,27.html

    "Here is an example of the Ryzen 3 1200 at 4000 MHz @ all cores. Here the stock cooler seems to run fine in the ~65 Degrees C range overclocked."
  5. Thank you, I feel a relief now
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