R9 390X Crashing from Sleep Mode

I've been having a recent issue that's been plaguing me, since about a couple weeks ago. Every time I restart my computer my graphics wigs out to a pixilated, messy screen that eventually goes back to normal with my radeon drivers telling me that one of the drivers crashed and was restarted.

Then the second thing that would happen is that if I put my computer into sleep mode, it would either wake up and my screen wouldn't be receiving a signal, or it would give me a blue screen error then force restart. It would also show my screen upon wakeup at the login screen with the same pixilated mess, then blue screen, then restart.

I just want to note as well that playing video games is totally fine, and doesn't result in any errors from prolonged play as I can reliably play XCOM 2 for 10+ hours without so much as a hiccup.

gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 motherboard.
16GB Corsair Ram
Corsair 850 watt PSU
MSI R9 390X Graphics Card
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  1. If your drivers are up-to-snuff, your vram is probably dying.
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