Pc crashes on first boot oc fx6300

So about a month ago i started ocing my new fx 6300 with succesful results( 4.4ghz with a descent temp both prime95 and gaming) but the problem here is that every fresh start it would start windows and then after 3 mins of whatever i do it freezes, no bsod just freeze ( numlock

From there is just luck sometimes hard reseting does the trick sometimes i would have to go into the bios and up the cpu voltage to 1.43~(1.41~ been my stable oc voltage) then after some hours of use i would go into my stable voltage for temps sake

So my question here is why on first boot. Ive been reading some posts about ram causing the problem but i cant find the solution anywhere.

Here are my specs and the oc values:

Processor fx6300
Ram ddr3 8gb gskill 1600mhz(1 ram stick)
500gb hdd + 120gb ssd + raid0 160gb
R7 260x ati radeon
Mobo ga 990fxa ud3
Power source 550 watts

Core speed 4.40ghz x20
Nb freq 2.2000mhz
Bus speed 220mhz
Ht link 2420mhz
Memory clock x6.66 1466mhz
Load line control: ULTRA HIGH
Nb vid control +0.100v = 1.2875v
Cpu voltage: +0.125 = 1.41v
Temp: 38 min to 70 max

Pls help a brother out and if you guys need more info pls just ask.

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