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My pc has i5 7400 cpu and 1060 3gb graphics card and i am confused which one should i upgrade 1st. My main usage is streaming and gaming mainly pubg. I have option of upgrading my cpu to i7 7700 or gpu to 1060 6gb overclocked version. Which one should i go for according to u guys. Please help me out.
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    I would go for the 7700, as this will make your platform better for a much longer time and will help a lot with streaming.

    wait for the next generation for the gpu upgrade, you wont get much performance going from a 1060 3gb to the 1060 6gb.
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  2. Yea you are right but i think my present cpu is not that out dated that i should change it right now and i am facing a lot of frame drops at my current gpu, also today i saw some benchmarks related 1060 3gigs and 6 overclocked version and it offered lot more.
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  3. It is better for sure, but not enough to warrant an upgrade. If you are going to upgrade I would get enough for a 1070 to make it worthwhile.

    Its not a case of your CPU being outdated, the 7700 isnt newer, its just that the faster clock speed, hyperthreading makes it much more suitable for streaming (and can take much faster graphics cards without bottlenecking.
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  4. Thanks confusion sorted
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