Gta 5 Bottleneck ?

Hı everyone. İ played gta 5 today and game 2-3 seconds lagging because playing 10 20 minutes. My GPU usage drops and fps drops too . İ play Fifa 17 Battlefield 4 And Crysis 3 this games smooth gameplay experience for me. İs that Bottleneck ?
Specs: İntel Core I5-2500 3.3Ghz
6GB Ram
Amd HD 7770 GHZ Edition
420W 80+PSU
Game settings doesn't matter. İts lagging when i play low or medium-high
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  1. My first guess would be insufficient video memory (1GB?) on the HD7770.

    Your graphics card isn't very powerful, so what you should do is drop the settings as LOW as possible, at 1366x768 resolution and then see how it runs. If it's better then simply increase the settings until you find the best trade-off between visuals, and game smoothness (FPS/stutter etc).
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  2. I'am getting 60+fps High 1920x1080
    Thanks for your help but still same for your options. 10 minutes of gameplay and shuttering
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  3. Do you mean occasional stuttering, or constant stuttering?

    The game occasionally drops significantly in performance for me with an i7-3770K@4.5GHz, 16GB DDR3, and GTX1080

    I started a mission with a GARBAGE TRUCK (first hour?) and performance suddenly got really bad, but then I restarted the game and it was fine.

    It's also possible your 5GB of system memory isn't sufficient. The game may be slowly using more memory, then after 10 minutes you may run out (though Windows probably prevents you using the full 5GB) which could cause sudden low performance if the game starts swapping textures back to the drive the game folder is on.
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