Which Keyboard should i get? 150$ max

So im going to buy a keyboard and im think of those 2
Razer Ornata Chroma
Corsair K70

Which one should i get

Or if you have a better gaming keyboard then tell me
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  1. What do you expect from the keyboard? Write down your requirements.

    Go to a store and go "hands-on" with the candidate keyboards if at all possible.

    Borrow and/or test the keyboards via family and friends.

    Type on the keyboards, look them over, see how well they are constructed.

    Go online and check the manufacturer's websites. Look at the respective keyboard User Guides/Manuals. Learn what configuration options are available. Supporting software, drivers, etc...

    Read the fine print. Often hides some "show stoppers" with respect to the end-user's requirements.

    Check the manufacturer's FAQs and Forums. Read what other users are saying and asking about. Or complaining about.

    And, of course, look for and read verified buyer/user reviews (e.g. Amazon) and professional reviews (objective) found on technical websites such as Tom's Hardware.
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