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Hello guys I recently just finished building my computer and was able to enter bios. In my bios do I really need to change anything? My motherboard is the MSI Z270 A PRO. On bios I changed some stuff about the fans and that’s pretty much it. Does the boot order make a difference. What is a boot order? Do I need to change anything about the boot order? I’m going to use a USB flash drive to install windows 10. Will that require me to change anything in bios? Please help
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    First of all, it is best not to try to update the bios to a newer version unless it fixes a problem that is impacting you. A failed flash can be nasty to recover from.

    If you have more than one storage device, the boot order should point to the windows drive first.
    You may also find a dvd or usb drive in the boot order.
    Windows will search the boot order to find the device to boot from.
    For initial installation, it will boot from the usb drive which will be the only bootable device in the list.

    You really need do nothing in the bios initially.

    Later, if you are overclocking you will want to change the max multiplier.
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  2. boot order gives pc to search which drive first for OS. If you installed OS on SSD, but not HDD, the order doesn't matter, since it will find the correct SSD to boot. Mostly useful for usb/cd install boot. You may want to put CD, USB in front of SSD for it automatically boot with cd/usb when you need it. But you can always manually choose which drive to boot :) BTW, don't touch BIOS unless you know what you are doing ...
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