Lag spikes lasting minutes, every now and then. CS:GO

My issue is quite unordinary, least that's what I think. I play quite alot of CS:GO, with about 150fps without SLI,(worth noting that I play on almost the lowest settings possible.) so the thing is, I get to play a few minutes, sometimes even a game, but then the fps starts dropping(once it happens it will drop again and again). This is where it gets interesting. I have read various solutions to problems like such, the thing is my fps drops don't last a few seconds, they last about 3 minutes. I go down to 20 fps, which if was the case I'd be okay, the graph show 20, when in reality it's about 10, maybe less. For this brief period of drop I will also become Mr.Roboto on TeamSpeak and the music(if i'm listening to any) will start to lag(pretty much what happens when you're in the CS lobby and someone turns on the in-lobby microphone). I have tried various fixes, from resetting all my settings, updating drivers to even performing a complete reinstall of windows. If any of you pretty people could share your expertise on what could be the issue I'd be grateful.
NOTE:CS:GO is the only game where I experience this kind of lag. Many more demanding games such as GTA V, CIV VI, hell even some heavily modded Minecraft run perfectly smooth with no fps drops at all.

Lenovo Y510p
8GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M (2x)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200M @ 2.50GHz, (2.5 on paper, 2.9 ish in reality)
Windows 10 Pro, (tried Windows 7 aswell, fps still dropped)

Anything, anything at all you'd like to know please be sure to ask.
Also, thanks for reading.
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