can i install/use ddr2 gpu 2.0 in my ddr3 computer

Hi.i have an old ddr2 gpu and one of my pc dont have a gpu wich is ddr3.i know that ddr4 and ddr5 gpus will work fine but a ddr2 on ddr3 mobo i really don't have an idea. Is it okay to put ddr2 gpu on ddr3 or it's a bad idea?
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  1. There is no conflict. The thing that uses the ram has it's own controller for the memory. Your CPU has a controller for the system ram, the GPU has a memory controller for it's ram, even your harddrive has a controller for it's ram, which is often DDR2.
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    The DRAM used on the motherboard and that used on the GPU operate independently. They will run independently so there is no conflict due to different DRAM.

    If you are running Windows, you may have trouble finding drivers for the old GPU that will run on the newer machine. The driver architecture was changed in Windows Vista so drivers for Windows XP and earlier will not work on Windows Vista or later (7, 8, 10).
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  3. Thanks guys
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