Gigabyte 1030GT causes pc to shutdown randomly

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I got a Gigabyte 1030GT LP to replace my old 280GTX (I know not a huge improvement, but I'm not much of a gamer that I used to be).
After 5 minutes I installed it, my pc just went black, then restarted (like there was a power outage, or like I pulled the plug from the wall).
Then it happened several times again.

I noticed it doesn't crash when Windows 10 is in safe mode, so I played around with drivers, with no avail.

I went for a fresh Windows 10 install, but the problem persists, only difference is now it can last around an hour. But in that hour I can even play games on it. Sometime it shuts down when it's on load, sometimes when it's in idle.

I swapped the card with another one which doesn't have supplementary power connectors either (unlike the 280gtx which has two), thinking the motherboard can't provide enough power through the pci-e slot. With this card my pc works like it should. Funny enough I put the 1030GT into another pc (which runs windows 10 too, same drivers, same resolution), and there it works okay, with no shutdowns.

I've never heard anything like this. It's like it's not compatible with my setup, but that's just silly.

What could be the solution? Should I return the card, even though it works fine in another pc?

PSU: Chieftec 600W
CPU: i7 920
MB: Gigabyte EX58-UD4
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  1. If not driver, PSU may be breaking down. How old is the PSU?
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  2. I'd also look at updating the bios on the trouble computer. It might not understand how to work a PCIe 3.0 device.
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  3. Sorry for being away for a few days, and thanks for the replies.

    I tried with a fairly new PSU, and the problem remained.

    Unfortunately the newest stable BIOS is on, which is from 2010.

    It's really weird, if it doesn't have the nvidia drivers on, it can go for days, but of course you can't really game on it. Just like in safe mode.
    As soon as I install the drivers, it starts misbehaving.
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  4. Then that card isn't compatible with your system.
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