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Hy i have a problem with my card fan, reacently iwe bought new fan cuz my only one stopped working (was making noise and rotating wery fast), i have ATI RADEON W5000. FAN 2pin, 12v , 0,35v fan so its nothing fancy ,I also bought oil and oiled the card but still nothing, video card is working but when i go play or even browsing the net its get overheated whitch is reasonable so i stopped using that computer cuz im scared of future dmg. If someone could help me i would be greatful, should i buy new video card or what, i dont know, I also updated the boot on computer, when i run notification center it says that its 0 errors, i downloaded afterburner and it says the card fan speed is 40% and the card its not even rotating, Plz help if u have some suggestions! Thanks
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  1. the fan is either faulty, or the entire card needs to be replaced. To be safe, I say replace the card with something slightly newer. Try to find something like a GT 730 on ebay
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