Boot Issue - ASUS Maximus Ranger VIII

Hey everyone!

Last week, I try to speed up the boot of the bios on my motherboard. The POST has always felt slow, especially since I have an SSD for my OS drive.

It didn’t work, and so I changed the BIOS to my previous values. But since then, it now either boots to Windows OR the BIOS after an even lengthier boot process (off blinking cursor placements). The video demonstrates below:

Should I try to reset the bios to its previous values? Let me know what you think! Thank you to all who provide input.
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  1. Update: Called ASUS (couldn't show them the video, obviously), and they said simply to update the BIOS. I've had some complications with an effective BIOS update in the past, so I wanted to see if anyone had any alternative or other suggestions before I did so.

    Looking forward to the feedback! One step at a time.
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