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Hi everyone! Im new to building gaming pc's and have never built one so If i want to theoretically put together a pc wuth these parts, can someone tell me if the parts can work with each other and what case would be good for it? some reccomendations would be good too!
Here are the parts
- i5 7600k
- Asus maximus IX Hero
-16 GB hyper x fury 2400Mhz (4x4)
- gigabyte GTX 1060 windforce (6gb)
- samsung 850 Evo (500gb)
- corsair CX 650w
- corsair HD120(RGB) (x3)
-cooler master hyper 212 evo (120mm)
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  1. Don't get a set of 4 DIMMs. Get two 8GB DIMMs. Unless you already have the 850 EVO, get a new M.2 SSD. Also, unless you have the 212EVO, there are better coolers today.
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