Accidentally ripped off plastic socket for CPU on motherboard

Hi there! Building my first pc here. I followed an instructions article online instead of my motherboards manual, so stupidly thought the little plastic socket for my CPU was a protective lid, and ripped it off. So it's in many small pieces, basically.

In other words, CPU won't lock to the motherboard. Do I need to get a new motherboard, or is there some way of just getting in a new plastic socket? I'm so angry at myself here I'm not sure what to do, hah.

It's a tomahawk b350 am4.

Am I screwed? :)
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  1. picture of the motherboard missing the component ?
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  2. Yeah, sorry, here are pics.
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  3. You may be able to find a replacement on ebay. But other than that, you will have to replace it, if you cant find anything on ebay or anywhere else.
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  4. Ok, thanks for the help. :)
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  5. The sockets are sold separately as people like to use them to ship bare CPUs. You'll have to very carefully disassemble it and then snap just the top piece onto your board.

    Note you will want one from the same manufacturer, in your case LOTES instead of something more common like Foxconn.
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