Is Storage my Problem?

I built my first PC about 18 months ago and It has these specs:

AMD FX-6300
Kraken X-61 Liquid Cooler
Gigabyte GA-990FX AM3+ Motherboard
2x8gb of Kingston Hyper X 1333 DDR3
1TB WD Blue for file storage
240GB OCZ Vector 180 for OS and games
GTX 1070 FTW Graphics Card
EVGA 550W Fully Modular PSU

For the last six months or so, I've noticed that loading is slow, even with the 6Gb/s OCZ SSD. I press the power button, the keyboard lights up, then ~20-30s later the monitor turns on. Once logged in, it takes another minute or two for programs to load. This used to take 30 or so seconds when I first installed the SSD back in June 2016.

My question is: Is this problem related to my SSD? I'm wondering if it could be related to the MOBO or some sort of connection... I restored windows about two months ago, and don't have much stuff on the drive yet...

If it IS the SSD, I want to get a new drive and reinstall a fresh copy of windows... What drives would you guys recommend that won't break the bank? My MOBO does have an M.2 slot so that's an option. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading!
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  1. i hardly believe that the problem is the SSD, AMD FX-6300 is a good CPU, but he is a old one(even if it you bought it new) and your RAMS are low frequency (im not saying its their fault either), i never used an ssd myself, so i cant say it for sure(sorry), but maybe could be some inconpatibility with them
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