H100i V2 not recognised

Hey Guys

I Have just helped my friend build his new pc last night, upgrading his motherboard, graphics card, CPU and Cooling system. Everything that has gone in is working, however the cooler isn't been recognised by corsair link 4 and I have noticed by the temps gauge on the motherboard they are going between 28-60 so all over the place.

I have already been into the bios and changed the mode that the cooler is in to get it working but I wanted to change the mode within corsair link 4 and it hasn't even got it listed with the other parts.
I have been into device manager and seen that is has a yellow mark next to the cooler, does this mean I need to uninstall corsair link 4 and go to and older version that recognises it? or do I need to try something else.

Everything else seem's to be working fine on his computer, the only thing I may have missed that might effect it not working properly is some of the drivers for motherboard but then I guess it wouldn't have shown up at all in device manager if that was the case.

If anyone could help me out and get my friends PC sorted that would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,
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