What CPU is best for this motherboard?

Alright im building a gaming PC, I have the RAM, and the motherboard obviously, I have a z270m Mortar, LGA1151 socket, so what processor should I get? I dont want to have to upgrade like, ever, so something that either rivals, or is better than the 7600k without me having to spend 230 dollars. I was going to go for the i3-8350k since its better, but found out my motherboard cant support it.. So yeah, something that rivals or is better than the i5-7600k or is even a bit worse, but will still handle every title out there. And obviously cost less (Less than like 210 preferably)
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  1. Can't you just return the motherboard and get an i5 8400 and new mobo?
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    You won't find anything that meets your demand without changing your motherboard. Z270 only has 'outdated' CPUs now, even though the chipset is not even an year old. But Coffee Lake, and with it, Z370 boards, has launched, and hence anything older is already outdated. My recommendation would be to sell the motherboard as well and get a Coffee Lake i5 with a Z370 board.
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