Single fan or dual fan gtx 1060?

Hey. I was thinking about getting a gtx 1060, but budget restrained me to get the 6gb one. My choices were-
MSI gtx 1060 3gb armor of
Zotac gtx 1060 6gb single fan
The armor one is about 20k and the zotac is 21k. Will it be worth it? My case is circle cc 821 (you may check it on with 1 outtake and 2 intake fans. So will a single fan cause overheating? Please let me know soon!
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  1. get the 2 Fan one:)
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  2. nitinvaid20 said:
    get the 2 Fan one:)

    But won't that reduce performance? I mean the 6gb one is better...
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    I would go with the 6gb model as it is slightly better than the 3gb version(its more than a memory increase, a bit of performance too). I'm sure the single fan would be sufficient for the 1060 and if you'd like cooler you could just run it at higher fan speed (increase noise). I wouldn't OC it though.
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  4. Oh yes i have not seen that go for the 6GB one i thought both are same is just fan difference:P
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