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Hi, i am trying to upgrade a build from about 3 yrs ago. id like to use my processor if possible and power supply. my graphic card is going out so i want to upgrade that to a very good one. here is what im working with now.

I5 3570k 3.4Ghz processor {would like to re-use if possible}

z77 extreme motherboard extreme3

gtx 560tihttps

1 tb hd. {re-use}
trz 600w power supply [re-use}
27 inch lonovo 144hz monitor
2x4GB corsair 1600c9r memory. one stick broke so down to 4GB

So i need a video card, and my motherboard the direct hookup for internet is broke and some of the usb connectors are also broke. Id like a motherboard with wireless on board, and plenty of usb hookups. Im also looking to get a SSD hard drive. Also looking for atleast 8GB of good memory. i have about 1200$ the only game i play is world of warcraft, i raid and want no issues. Ive been looking at the 1080ti, but have no clue. Please help me get the best for my money, I appreciate all and every comment. I also download and stream movies if that makes a difference.
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    if you want to upgrade, get some new RAM, 2x8 at least 1666 and a GTX 1050TI or a GTX 1060 6GB model will solve all your problems
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