SSD seems faulty, computer freezes

Alright, so my computer is about 4 years old now, and I got a kingston ssdnow 120gb for my os, which is windows 10. I used to dual boot ubuntu, but installed on a hdd, but I removed it because I thought it was because of grub or something. Anyway, the problem is that sometimes my computer freezes, and all I can do is reboot, which prompts me into bios, where my ssd is not appearing. To make it work again I must turn off pc, unplug the sata cable and plug it again and then it will work, until it freezes up again. I changed the sata cable, changed sata port, reseted windows, ran kingston drive utility which said everything is ok, I just don't know what to do, just to buy a new one, but I don't have the money atm
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