Can i overclock i5 3330 3.2GHz QuadCore ?

Hello, i am a noob to this stuff i would like to overclock my cpu since it is at 3.00GHz but it was advertised that is 3.2GHz ? What would be the way for me to do this and is this even possible ?
Also would like to ask i have GTX 1050ti and would like to overclock it , if some one could guide me the steps of efficiently how to do it without breaking it.Here are pics of my cpu ,motherboard and gpu. Thanks alot i appreciate it.

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  1. The GHz reading you are seeing in the monitoring software is a snap-shot reading.
    The chip, however, is capable of Turbo Boosting 1 or 2 cores up to 3.2GHz.
    The multiplier is locked, though, so you cannot overclock it.
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