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K so it's been a minute since I was last here but new problems have risen. My boyfriend put this computer together for me to have as my own. It's a gigabyte motherboard F2A85X-UP4. I went on Gigsbytes website to download drivers like I was told to do and when I try to open them my computer say's it can't open the file. One site called hr drivers downloads them into a RAR file and even with 7 zip I can't open. This is slower than the one I had that was infected. Please help me.
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  1. What drivers are you downloading?
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  2. Strange, 7zip supports RAR file unpacking. Shouldn't be an issue unless you are just trying to 'Open' the file vrs 'unpack', which you must do first.
    RAR is a file compression, it's shrunk to make smaller. When you unpack it, it returns the file to what it should be. So you'll get the file 'driver.rar' and expand/unpacked it becomes 'driver.sys' which can then be installed. Compressed files can't be 'opened' as such because it's not a recognised file type like sys or exe or dll.
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  3. I am trying to download Gigabyte drivers. I can't seem to find anymore windows updates. My computer is slow, unresponsive at times, won't recognize like my camera when I plug it and la la la, what a great thing it is to be trying to set up a computer by myself now. Thank you for any input or suggestions.
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